A lot of people don’t give time for their ducts to be cleaned since they usually think that they are still sufficiently clean. However, over time, your ducts begin to gather dust, pests, insects, molds, rodents, debris, and any other contaminants. As soon as your HVAC system is switched on it can only blow all of this debris in your home, which could trap up in your vents. This is what makes them less effective, meaning cooling or heating your building would cost more. 

How frequent should you clean your air ducts? 

Your ducts will inevitably gather debris even if they have the greatest filters. There will be particles that will get out or enter through the system in any way. Never be satisfied with the fact that your system has filters or your ducts don’t have to be cleaned. Your ducts will still be gathering particles that could possibly clog them up or minimize your home’s air quality as you switch on your HVAC system,  

An average duct system should be cleaned at least every 2 up to 5 years. Once you have a well-maintained system and you have your filters changed twice per year, you could boost the time among expert cleanings. Once your system has been active for over 3 years and you haven’t considered cleaning it, you should think about having it cleaned as soon as possible. Imagine, even one season could develop a great amount of debris and dust within your system, making it less efficient than ever.  


Importance of cleaning air ducts 

Cleaning your HVAC duct doesn’t just take as long as totally changing your system. The greatest time to consider having your ducts cleaned is either in the early fall or in the spring. This is the time when you probably halted utilizing your HVAC system to heat or cool your home and before you have to begin reusing it. 

You’ve probably experienced that musty or dusty smell as your switch on your HVAC system that usually clears up after a couple of minutes. This is one of the indicators that you should have your HVAC duct cleaned by the experts. If you experience this, it could mean that there are debris and dust within your vents that are passed into your rooms together with the hot or cold air from your system. Even if you use your HVAC system every day, once the air it produces contains the weird smell, you should consider air duct cleaning Colorado Springs by the experts. 

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