For some people, the process of posting a bail bond is a complicated matter. This is quite understandable, as not everybody gets charged for crime often. The explanation for this process is best explained by an employee. That’s how you get an accurate take on bails bond which also pertains to your present situation. 

You may also seek the help of a bail agent to educate you on how the process goes. Afterall, they are the ones who are experts in Stamford bails. But to give you an overview of this matter here’s a simple explanation about bail bonds and how to go about them.  

How Much Bail is Needed? 

You may already know that bail has to be paid if you want to get out of jail after getting accused of the crime. The laws allow a person to be free even if he is accused prior to getting convicted. The law maintains the fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty. As such, he or she can possibly get released while the court hears the case. However, getting released is only possible if you put up the bail. The bail serves as the guarantee that the accused will appear before the court during the hearing of the case.  

But there are bigger issues bail that hato be tacked. For starters, how do you know what amount you’re going to pay? Who determines that? In essence, it’s the judge that determines the bail amount of every defendant. However, since there are a lot of cases and there’s simply no time for the judge to hear each one, a standard bail schedule was created. The schedule indicates the bail amount for the most common crimes. If the crime that a person is accused of isn’t included in that schedule, then that’s when he waits to see the judge for the bail hearing.  

Do You Need a Bail Agent? 

You don’t need a bail agent if you can pay for the amount required by the court upfront. However, if you can’t afford the bail, you’ll go to bail agents. These agents are there to guarantee the court that you will pay the full amount of the bail if you fail to meet the conditions set by the court. You are expected to pay bail agents a small amount for their services and assure them that you’ll never leave town and attend all court hearings.  

If you need to contact a bail agent, you have to obtain a little information about the case. The agent will ask you of the accused’s full name, which jail they’re at, the booking number, and the charges. It’s best that you obtain as much information as needed as the agent may have to ask for more pertinent information than that.  

Usually, the bail agent will go to the jail to post the bond for the accused. Some are willing to pick you up from your home so you can go to jail together. It’s also possible to hire a bail agent that is not located in the same city as yours. For this purpose, the paperwork and payment are done electronically, through the internet, or over the phone.